‘Sonal has been instrumental in my recovery after having severe trauma to the knee and losing my left ACL. She is a trusted physiotherapist and credit to her from bringing me back on my feet’

Somesh Chaturvedi

We thoroughly enjoy our Pilates sessions at home with Sonal. She is attentive, cheerful, professional and takes care to tailor exercises to our individual objectives and pre-existing injuries. She pushes us but also keeps in mind our limitations when preparing exercises’

Sonali and Neerav Shah

Sonal helped me and taught me how to help myself. Even if you're not suffering from SPD during pregnancy it's worth seeing Sonal to know how to active these muscles. I would highly recommend Sonal as a physiotherapist without a shadow of doubt!

Trisha Chekras

‘I've been attending Sonal's classes for a few months now, I find her very professional and accommodating of everyone's needs.
Highly recommend her classes.’

Sonal Nayee

‘Since my fall, I have been seeing Sonal to help get me walking properly. I lost my confidence after the fall and Sonal has helped me get stronger, fitter and do things more safely so I don’t fall again’.

Pearl Posner

Sonal has seen be through 2 terrible back episodes, where in both I was unable to bend and straighten properly. She was highly professional in her treatment with a vast knowledge. I then started Pilates with Sonal on a 1:2:1 basis, at home and really enjoy it.’

Michelle Lee

‘Following my hip replacement I required post operative physiotherapy. Throughout the 8 week period Miss Thakrar was extremely thorough and professional in her therapy and she was polite, sympathetic and patient at all times.’

John Blair

‘I would definitely recommend Sonal. She has been coming to help me with my back and has been doing acupuncture on me. I was in so much pain and she has really helped! She knows what she is doing!’

Manju Pindoria